What type of mortgage are you looking for?

Purchase Remortgage

Where is the property located?

England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

Are you a first time buyer?

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What repayment method are you looking for?

Capital & interest Interest Only

What is the purchase price?

What is the value of your current property?

How much are you looking to borrow?

Who is your current lender?

  • Halifax
  • Safron BS

How much is currently outstanding on the mortgage?

What are the current monthly payments?

Expected Monthly Rental Income

Do you also own a residential property?

Yes No

Including rental income, will you be a high rate tax payer?

Yes No

Are you a first time landlord?

Yes No

How many years do you require this mortgage/loan?

Over how many months would you require this bridging loan?

What type of rate are you looking for?

Discount Fixed Tracker Variable

How long would you like the initial rate to last?

1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

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How many applicants will there be?

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What is the gross annual income of the first applicant?

What is the gross annual income of the second applicant?

What's the date of birth of the first applicant?

What's the date of birth of the second applicant?

What type of property do you want to mortgage?

House Flat

What type of flat is it?

Above Shop Conversion Studio Purpose built

What floor is it on?